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A quick presentation

Some partners want to know something more about us ...
IusOnDemand srl (slogan: over the skyline of laws) borns on the first italian legal search engine with own database.

Now we have a solution that collects only automated selected and tagged infos from manually selected sites. In a week we have interesting datas for online users.

The first search engine was, spidering world's legal sites and indexing.

Others are:

  • devoted to arts, music, events in Italy;
  • devoted to public administration
  • CyberNews devoted to collect news about cyberspace (
  • Sport-az devoted to italian sports

After the search engine there was the need to create sites to promote best news. These are:


After news sites, we developed sites devoted to single missions:

  • forum (
  • Cases (
  • Laws (

and many others.

We work on communities to have a market linked to our goals. These also means that we are the site most cloned in our matter, but because we do it first, we are more visited then the others cloning.

Communities now ask and send more information: we devoleped a database (ONE Solution, where subscribers can, from just one site, access all our datas. Easy, first of all.

Our competitors are good html developer, but we develop software, and our competitors don't.

Are agents are: (IusNews, Toolbar) with unique functions for "pro" version subscribers (from febrary 2006), and we developed solutions for italian editors.

We are also the first legal pdf market ( sending by email our pdf.

Our sites are developed to change if read by pda, smartphone, mobile hardware. We also collect news and send by rss, email, our software (we can print automatically daily on paper news from our websites.)

From Feb 2006 we will offer a solution (beta test is almost finished) that will allow lawyers to create, collect, sell text (news will follow).

Finally we are testing we our users a tagging solution that will be center of web2.0 solution we are working on.


You can contact us in english, french o spanish (even we don't speak spanish): by mail we have no problems.ů

Programming languages: asp, php, mysql, access, javascript, html, basic, assembler 6502 (!). We use Linux and develop on Windows.


On the link you can find the email web form. Otherwise: 1) tel: 0039-02 733625 2) fax: 0039-02 700 400 261 3) icq and skype on demand

dott. Valentino Spataro IusOnDemand srl Milan, Italy viale dei Mille 4

(10 minutes from Central Station (bus 60), Linate airport (bus 73) and the very center of Milan: Duomo (bus 61,54)

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