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CMS: sharing posts with Twitter and Facebook

Since today it's easier to spread our contents, customized, to the social networks.

We all know many tools to send contents from our websites to the social platforms.

We can do it manually, or with some external tools, often based on rss feeds.

We can also configure facebook to send tweets to twitter, and vice versa.

All of thos external solutions have different limits.

At IusOnDemand we have developed a tool that send different contents at each hour and day.

We have teached to send the top read case of "yesterday" if it's friday morning, but if it's monday evening you will read the latest case published.

Just examples. We like to send in the morning the news from the website, and in the evening the top read of the week, the month, ad so on, depending the day.

On saturday and sunday we have developed other criteria.

Finally the content sent to Twitter is smaller than the the content sent to the Facebook Page. They are different and the contents must be different.

Most important, it is allo automatic.

We have only to think to contents. The machines must do the hard work ...




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