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Can anyone become a developer ? Even lawyers ? Sure, but ...

It's a profession. It is useful to learn how to code. But take care... Photo courtesy of Spataro 2014 - Roma - Foro italico.

Everyone should learn to code ?

This is the question of this summer. It seems that learning to code can solve all the problems.

I'm a developer. I've started when I was 16, on paper. A friend of mine bought the c64, and I took the manual. I've started basic on that guide. 2 months later I've written on my c64 the code, and it worked. I understood that I could understand a pc fine.

Two years later I've started simple program in assembler, the language that works as the machine works, to simplify. Exciting.

Now I'm 30 years older after that summer.

Regarding the question I think everybody should learn a language to code something. There are tons of languages, it's a bad question if everyone shuold learn to code. The good questione is what is the best language to understand the basics of coding, and then how to choose your language.

Internet is plenty of answers about the best language. It depends. Time, Experience, Love for numbers and many other features will bring you to a language or another.

Sure everyone should know what "coding" means. And the benefits and limits.

But wait: it's different from being a developer. In the same way everyone of us can write a letter, or a blog, but not a book.

I've read many lawyers that coding is something they can understand. It's true. Everybody can understand coding with a good teacher.

But the experience, the love for others doing your same work, that makes you a great developer, experienced developer. And you know that there will be always a bug, and that if works, it is because there are tons of things written by others working fine. 

Who learn to code something should always remember that his work is just a part of a great community of people sharing ideas.

Finally I know there are so many people that won't learn nothing except syntaxes or commands or parameters. 

When you become god, because this is what you do when you code (ancient greek talked about Demiurgo), you have to know that if it works, it's not because you are God. You are only an angel, if you're good. And the more you are experienced, the more you know you can make mistakes and thanks the work made by others.

Yes: everybody can learn to code. Everybody should learn a language to develop code. But only who develop everyday can be a developer. Too things to know, and too easy to make mistakes.


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