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07.06.2012 search engine for video channels

A search engine. A light, simple, search engine for video channels and videos online. Contents are tagged. Actually it's nothing more an improvement of the original solutions developed years ago: it's a laboratory to know better this world.

After years of tests is spidering official tv channels online to offer a simple browsing experience. is a search engine, but more powerful:

  • it supports tags.
  • you can search for episodes or tv channels
  • you can search for episodes tagged with channels' tags

Episodes tagged with channels' tags ?

Ask for "french" episodes will offer all episodes from channels containaing "french" tag, even if the episode does not contain the word "french".

So for others tags, as you can see in the homepage:

  • technology,
  • videogames,
  • speech,
  • music, ...

The solution is support, in a different way, in our, the legal search engine, and itvmania is a step further in different ways.

Let me say I think this is something useful (finally I find in a second new great videos) but it can be improved in other ways. We're working on it, and main problems on new ideas are legals and how to manage quality with flexibility.

As a true search engine we don't track links neither include results in our template. It's just a link to the official page or content, as stated in the feed.

So as it is is a search engine with selected, official websites and channels (mainly on youtube as you can expect). There's no other content curation. We help in finding videos, nothing more, not as other search engines do nowadays.

It's great on ipad, we will do some test on smaller displays in next weeks.

If you want to suggest new channels, write us at

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