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IusSeek: new legal websites included in the search engine

Since 1999 selected sources.

In 1999 Google was a Kid. An year old Kid. IusSeek was borning.

In those days the idea was simple: help to find news from selected sources. We included in the search engine manually every link. Foolish.

The software to search in the database (it was in first days a simple text file !!!) was developed internally.

We discovered that people liked it.

So we developed also our own spider engine.

Since 1999 we updated it in many ways. It is working since 2009 as it is now, alone. He also try to understand what a website is talking about (insurance, properties, legal cases,...) the country and the language.

Not everyone can be spidered by IusSeek. We manually decide who can.

Today we added two more websites. Is important for them, for the quality of contents from the lawyers submitting news. This is the way we manage. Carefully.

IusSeek is used by lawyers and professionals around the world to find legal cases and news.

The criterias are simple:

  • newest first
  • selected sources

It's not the way of Google, that must spider all the web.

Lawyers don't have to waste their time to find news in the legal world.

This is IusSeek. It simply works. Since 1999.

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