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Know your followers and explore your friends: a new tool for Gloxa

How likes you on twitter ? Gloxa answers.

Gloxa has a new feature, since today: you can explore your friends and your followers.

It's a working beta. now we will start testing with selected users.

Do you want to know how many followers do you have from  Australia ?

How many are designers ?

What are the most relevant interestest of your followers, globally ?

Now you can know a little more about the people likes you.

It's also possible to filter the results with keywords.

It works only on your followers and friends, for obvious reasons (privacy).

It's a new feature to explore the people, based on some criterias that help to find better results.

The tool also takes care of influence of your friends/followers.

Gloxa. The most innovative and exciting project still usefull after 5 years (since december 2008).

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