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Legalgeek: 3 Years, 250 TOS every year, 681 different tags. The first database in the world.

This is

Why ?

Simply because I spend my time working and learning from the web. I discover a service and instead of everyone I run to terms of services, after the little slogan you can find to understand the service offered.

So, today, reached 730 terms of services indexed in the database.

All Tos are linked to the source end, pay attention, tagged.

You can browse policies, websites for developers, privacy policies about marketing and profiling.

Astonishing. Started in 2009 it is used firstly for my interests, but some users around the world are using as a tool to study more policies.

The Cloudmap is for you. On the right sidebar.

But remember: here at legalgeek we are working since many months to another project.

It's astonishing how much people all around the world, have the same problems and find similar solutions.

Once more, if you want to work with us, contact us. 



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