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No internet for italian mobile phones ?

No internet on italian mobile devices ? Photo courtesy of gzed

Some months ago Google offered to the world money to develop interesting apps for their mobile operating system.

Except Italy.

Someone thought it was decided 'cause our laws, so difficult to understand and apply.

Perhaps there's another way to read the decision.

In Italy there is not use of internet on mobile devices.

In our stats we've found 0,12% of connection from mobile devices. Incredibly low.

Everyone has a mobile phone in Italy, but NOBODY uses it for internet.

For jingles tons of euros. To connect to a mobile site nobody spend 20 euros each month.

Only geek, I suppose.

It's a gap due to costs ? I think is only a face of the coin. The other face is: difficulty. How to connect on the web by mobile ?

We have to hope in netbooks. The only wireless solution seems to be wi-fi, in our houses.

Perhaps ...

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