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Some of our projects

Until 2006 the worked and made experience on Italian market.

We developed sites, forum, cms, newsletter, software for windows.

We develop in php,asp, mysql,access, dhtml (javascript), we develop simple logos in flash. Also we develop toolbars for explorer and firefox, and software in visual basic.

We manage our hosts.

Our sites: - working on a toolbar for creative commons - european spider and search engine supporting different countries, tags, languages. - this site - to be updated

On you'll find toolbars, screensaver, deskbar like software, other calculators.

On yuu can search in italian news regarding arts

On you can search news regarding internet spidering only best news sites. It's a great tool. - the geo tag lab of IusOnDemand.

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Dal 2004 accompagniamo i clienti nelle tecnologie e nel diritto