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Here we are

IusOnDemand in 2007 plans to finalize partnership with web services in Europe, Usa and India.

We are supporting some projects and we need to write something about us.

We began with Fidonet, in early 1990. Then degree in law and IusOnDemand first as individual firm and then IusOnDemand srl (ltd).

We are in Milan, our office is cabled by fastweb's optical cable, letting us use our spiders in our offices.

We do search engine and software. Even hosting, but we have worked on a tagging spider that works for us. Amusing.

We bring in Italy new solution and we are "cloned" by many firms, but users knows us as the first in Italy.

So let's write us for every info, we will be more complete.

dott. Valentino Spataro

Ceo of IusOnDemand srl

Milan, Italy

Skype: IusOnDemand

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