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Sorella Luna optimization

New website developed listening "Sorella Terra" by Laura Pausini, album: "Primavera in anticipo"

Finally, we did it.

We've created the first English websites, thought on international criterias, with a template in american style, minimalistic, just focused.

We are really impressed of the result. We will work on it every day with great hopes. The project was detailed on July 2008,  on Friday, the 11, at 11:20.37 (!)

Meanwhile italian work is increasing and cooperation with our partners and customers is increasing in several ways.

Most important, we can think more at quality. This is something unexpected, and finally asked from our customers.

Thanks to all of you, supporting our services and our databases. 

The tool developed in Italy are now ready for the world :)


founder of IusOnDemand srl

Milan - Italy

(the website domain won't disclosed to italian readers, sorry).


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