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What IusOnDemand srl does on the web for lawyers and legal industry

A brief presentation

In these weeks we are contacting more and more foreing firms and legal services to start to cooperate with the net all around the world.

First of all you need to know who we are and what we do.

I'm Spataro, founder of IusOnDemand srl (ltd) located in Milan, Italy. My father was a lawyer, focused on civil law after 50 years of work, and I'm a software developer, community manager, techno enthusiast, e expert in legal matters regarding internet.

I've shaked two expertise: legal and telecommunications on the net. 

We work on facts. What we say is what we do and what you can test on line.

We've developed the first european legal search engine with our technologies and datas.

We've developed a cms to manage texts, videos, podcasts, tags, and the software create dynamic indexes (example: ) publishing in different formats and media.

We manage the first online group of italian lawyers in Italy, more than 1.000.

We have a toolbar to tag and share legal contents.

We earn money from ads and selling our software, websites and databases.

Each year our users grows, and we strongly spend in innovation, developing software and using web2.0 services.

From 2009 we want to work with European and Common laws countries  to share our experiences to enhance our business.

We are looking for local partners to work with, offering our and yours products. Or simply, if you're open and fair, share ideas.

Contact us by the link ut infra (email, oovoo, jabber, skype, tel or fax) or follow us by rss, twitter,, newsletter.

dr. Valentino Spataro

IusOnDemand srl

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