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Working prototype of video ebook in epub for ipad

IusOnDemand, beyond the skyline

Here in IusOnDemand srl, in Milan, we are working on a great platform.

We have a great cms. Every post has different contents: text, images, video, audio, pdf.

Each content has its own field, in the database. When we render the final page we collect the different fields as needed.


  • We need a video only player ? The software creates the tv like vision.
  • We need a podcast player ? The software create the feed, and another an mp3 online player.
  • We want to share only pdf from a store ? The software create the store.


So you can blog simply a post, and the software creates video players, audio players, pdf downloaders, and so on.

And you can decide to spread to everyone or just to your restricted users. 

We are working now on two features: output to pdf and to epub.


  • Pdf is working in two beta versions, and we have to solve a bug. But we can already create ebooks with indexes with single or many posts.
  • Epub is working as a prototype with texts and videos. We are watching our Melloni's video lessons.


As far as we know, we are two in the world doing something like this.

So think to write your blog, and spread your pdf or epub. The epub with audio and/or video inside. 

If you are interested in our technology, and you have a budget (sorry, but in Italy we have to say this), call us. 

Please note: the solution can be customized on third parties platform.

Demo on the link (Follow at the end of chapter 3).

To install the epub on ibook you have to  open iTunes (you can't do it with ifiles, for example), and drag'n drop the file in "book" folder with the ipad / iphone / ipod connected by usb. Blufire and adobe digital editions open the epub but don't support video. Only iBooks support video in epub.


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