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New cms software - Developed Alfa - Testing

IusOnDemand is testing a content managment system focused on new basis of web 2.0.

It is not ajax, it is social and semantic.

Nothing new, you'll say.

Dramatically small, is the key. In these years we devoleped a cms in asp that is actually the first brick of our italian sites.

Based on that experience, new cms is in php, mysql, fast, and small. Less than 30 files very small, easy to customize.

Tagging, different languages, multi blog, comments, blog view, and so on.

Nothing really new, but the goal is fast and simple and os platform indipendent.

It is available for test for restriced beta testers on the new european site we are developing on travelling.

But obviously we are testing also on legal news.

Spataro Features Pro: 1) Write (wysiwyg), Edit (wysiwyg), Del text 2) built in geo tags, google map 3) built in tags and web 2.0 support 4) Search, list, blog, index views, rss. 5) hidden features: comment on - off, multi language, multiblog 6) easy to customize - few scripts 7) newsletter subscriptions and sending 8) php,mysql, iis and apache Contra: 1) code in english and italian 2) code not aligned 3) very complex loops 4) not fully translated

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