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Developed by Spataro his first web2.0 platform

Integrally devoleped inside.

Spataro began in 1999 developing the first search engine in perl (now is in perl and not only).

The search engine is, a source of infos for lawyers and professionals that no other websites can offer. Contents are filtered with a mix of human and machine work.

After 1999 we developed our cms. The first in perl, the second in asp, the third  in php. The vision is simple: a query, just only or max 2 queries for each page. Very light in terms of resources. Everything tagged, support for open/close subscriptions, paied users, multimedia (from 2007 video and podcast), mobile and pdf. The example is the famous

In 2005 we developed a social bookmark: used by few friends, very useful to put on our websites what we read and tag on the web. We manage all our reading from 2005 with IusVision. Simply great.

In 2007 we supported multimedia, beginning to spread our streaming servers in the U.S. and talking about videos and podcast at our readers. Now italian lawyers use 1000mikes and youtube, and blip, as us.

In 2009, 30-0-2009, Spataro wrote, in 4 long days, his complete (buggy obviously) 2.0 platform working with Twitter.

Yes, actually works with twitter, but it will be able to work even without twitter, or with other 2.0 websites, with simple changes. The structure is planned to work with or without. The software can be updated to work without twitter.

The 4 days programming run was the result of 2 years of ideas, studies, plans, talks, use of 2.0 websites.

This was a great change for us. A great new vision to work with the internet web platform on port 80, that allows to share users, contents, and provide new tools.

Yes, you can ask, why did you do it ?

We did it for the same goal of the beginning: help readers to find contents useful.

Now there's also another goal: let users find other friends, on line, using twitter, that can say something interesting to us.

Not only for the contents, but even for the place where they are.

So, are you ready ? Next days friends will be invited to use the platform, and with these friends we will developed all the function to find new friends that have something interesting to say.

And will be great for lawyers but even for every geek. Demos in screencast will follow when beta will be finished.

Have a good work


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