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Who is IusOnDemand srl and what we do

A quick presentation for our potential partners - In the photo: Valentino Spataro, founder

IusOnDemand is an idea born in 1999.

Today IusOnDemand srl brings contents to italian lawyers and laws for those working on the net.

What we've done:

and other websites, like,, ...

We are the first using videos and audio (podcasts) in our websites developing them in format for internet, not trying to copy television formats (regarding laws).

Our business model is focused on free contents, payed by advertising, and payed contents from subscribers.

We manage orders an customers directly until the invoices. We have only to check payments, all is managed by internal software. We accept bank transfer and paypal payments.

We have more than 50.000 pages, 15.000 users, each day, and many newsletters. We are also on social networks and we're known in Italy as innovators.

Dott. Spataro is the founder of IusOnDemand srl, Ceo, software developer in more than 15 programming languages, studied latin and greek,  plays bad piano, and his father was an "old style" lawyer. Thanks, dad.

Dott. Spataro is well known in italian cyberspace talking about copyright, making business, terms of services for online services.

To contact us, go to contact page at the following link.

Valentino Spataro

Milan, Italy



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