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Once upon the time there was

"We will remove your account in 14 days". No backup. Can you manage your customers in such a way ?

My first video on was uploaded in february 2007.

It was: "mac test". Amusing.

I did like Blip for their terms of services: video are mine, they are allowed to distribute, I can embed players and even use direct url to files uploaded.

I immediatly subscribed the pro account, 99$ for 13 months, and the converted all my videos also in flv and mp3.

There was a great feed for itunes.

I talked with Mike, one of the founders, for some bugs and improvements. Was great. He asked me to register for him a .eu domain, but it was already taken.

I used until today.

February the 14 arrived a love card. Sorry, an email. "Warning" from blip.

You are not compliant with our terms of services, so we will remove your account in 14 days.

Eh !?

Last year I've talked via email with someone of Blip. He told me I had to talk as a show, on a single matter. Oh yes ? I do it since 2007 ... ! Laws, software and the internet.

Now a "warning".

I had to download 494 episodes, in mp3, flv and m4v format. 1500 download of many mb each. I have optical fiber, no matter.

Obviously ... you can't download all your files neither your titles and descriptions. They don't even offer a backup, they simply remove your account.

But I took the old feed rss, downloaded the latest 100 episodes, and then ?

I had to remove the latest 100 to have a list of the previous 100. And so on: download, remove, download and so on.

2 days for my pc. Great job, thanks.

What about Blip ?

They changed their terms of services. I was planning to write to Mike and I've found Mike now is in Facebook, and the other old founders are away.

Blip changed the tos in june 2012, and now informs me they will remove their account.

Even if I were an account pro (it's 2 years I don't subscribe anymore for some bugs and other things don't working) they will delete my account and refund the remaining amount of the unused part of my subscription.

It's really a pity I don't have any more an account pro and you aren't located in Italy.

An italian court would condemn you in few months that, in Italian standards, is really really fast.

My cms let me change the embed and the url to files in few days of full work, so I will solve the problem.

But you are out of the market. And you forgot to respect your customers.

If you think to have the right to do this now with us, tomorrow ?

Read their Faq.



Videos that are not part of a high quality, original episodic web series can be removed at Blip's sole discretion. Examples of content considered inconsistent with Blip's definition of high quality, original episodic web series can include but are not limited to sermons, speeches, slide shows, webinars, screencasts, gameplay footage, tutorials, walkthroughs, meetings (corporate, community or government), personal (home movies, weddings, parties, vacations, etc.), music videos and content produced for other mediums (television, film, radio). Each episode must consist of original content created by the account holder.

Exclusions to these rules are made at the sole discretion of Blip. For examples of the type of content Blip is intended for, please visit

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